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Patentability Search/Novelty Search

A patentability search identifies relevant prior art that might kill the novelty aspect of an invention. The patentability search can help to assess the likelihood of securing a reliable patent with an adequate claim scope. A Novelty Search or Patentability Search is conducted before the Filing of the Patent.

In case, the invention is not novel, and the inventor can revisit the invention and modify the design accordingly. A patentability search is generally performed to prove that the device is “novel” or “non-obvious.”

 Standard Search Includes:

  • Search Results
  • Basic Mapping

Pro Search Includes:

  • Clause by clause mapping
  • Key Feature Matrix

Why is Patent Search/Novelty Search Important?

Novelty is the essential requirement for granting the patent to the invention. The invention is not novel and patentable if the design was known to the public before filing a patent application, or before its date of priority (if we claim the priority of an earlier patent application).

A novelty search can:

1. Confirm the novelty of the invention.

2. Procure documents required for Information Disclosure Statement (IDS).

3. Determine competitiveness.


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Patentability Search FAQs

What is a Novelty or Patentability Search?
Patentability Search or Novelty Search is directed to the prior art search for the new subject matter that is to be patented. An invention is patentable only when it is new or novel and patentability search for an invention helps in knowing whether it has been disclosed publicly by someone before the critical date of the invention.

Why should we do patentability search?
Because it saves money.

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