Evidence of Use (EoU) Chart


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Evidence of Use (EoU) Claim Chart

Evidence of Use (EoU) chart is used to define the extent a claim ‘reads onto’ a product, process, and or standard. Detailed Evidence of Use chart help in licensing agreements, pre-litigation research, and patent transaction opportunities.

Our team has extensive experience in mapping standards, product literature, product terms, and specifications, etc. The Patent Search Company has generated thousands of claim charts and helped our clients in making more than 30 million dollars in licensing and sales of patent portfolios.

Our EoUs can be made available in three forms:

a) Clause Level

b) Pager Level

c) Element Level

Why do you need an Evidence of Use (EoU) Chart?

Evidence of Use (EoU) Chart helps you:

  • Recognize potential infringement of your existing patents. If you are selling patent assets, proof of patent infringement can assist strengthen the terms of the sale.
  • Identify vertical technology areas or silos. Lots of technologies make use of common subsystems or techniques of getting their means. So, interim patent and product literature studies seriously help in identifying the right target companies. We work closely with you during this significant phase to make out the number and kind of technology silos that set up the scope of your study.
  • Evaluate potential patent infringement. Our analysts work with your specialist and counsel to analyze your patent portfolio and make out the candidates that have a high potential of being an infringer.

How do we generate Evidence of Use (EoU) or what is the methodology of Evidence of Use Charts generations?

  • Searching: Every infringement study starts with a search and analysis based on the claims of the subject patent. Unlike a Patent Validity Search, EoU centers around patent literature that postdates the subject patent. As patent literature offers the detail that is frequently lacking in the actual product literature, this initial search provides a landscape of competitive and non-competitive companies. On a similar pattern, we perform a direct Google search for the existing products in the market.
  • Claims mapping: Using this information, we perform comprehensive searches of product literature, product catalogs, corporate websites, press releases, and more. We recognize products to pair with related patents and generate claims charts. The claim charts map the product literature, product terms, patents, figures, and pictures to the claims of the patent you are studying.
  • Analysis: In some cases, products are bought and reverse engineered. For some technologies, we can also make third-party laboratory analysis services to improve your claims charts further.
  • The release of results: We carry this powerful body of information in clear, well-organized reports and claims mapping charts.

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