Patent Landscaping

An Introduction to Patent Landscaping

How do research teams and IP managers choose from the numerous R&D and patenting opportunities? Teams can concentrate their R&D efforts and detect market trends through patent landscaping to assist and guide their internal efforts.


The “patent landscaping” process is essential for IP managers since it helps them gain a deeper grasp of a given technological field. IP managers can make decisions about cost-effective asset protection strategies through landscaping and develop a thorough awareness of a patient’s potential market fit. Successful patent landscaping requires a systematic approach since it enables efficient IP prosecution by being consistent and having a firm understanding of the technical field.

By examining trends in a particular technology area, this method aids IP managers and attorneys in determining the viability of innovation initiatives, which is essential for directing R&D teams through the evaluation process. A thorough analysis of the patent landscape also aids in identifying the key players in the field, the existence of intense competition, and the progress of active commercialisation of the technology. IP managers can better allocate resources within their research efforts by using this information to find study areas with less threat of competition.


Landscapes are invaluable to businesses because they may show whether rivals invade their primary market. This understanding of a patent domain can aid organisations in protecting their intellectual property rights or in more zealously pursuing research in fields of concern to their rivals. A patent landscape helps identify metrics and patterns that might guide IP decisions, even though it cannot tell you what areas to study or obstacles to successful patent prosecution exist.

Although developing a patent landscape typically necessitates a sizable commitment of resources, we can minimise this by using helpful search tools. IP managers can gain a head start by analysing “pre-patent” efforts such as research articles and grants rather than just looking for patents. They can provide prior insight into the direction of the markets.

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